Leaf of the Forest

Writeup by Valar_Dragon

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  • Description: We found an even bigger directory tree hiding a flag starting at /problems/ba3662836dafb25fdcb412b505b7b677. It would be impossible to find the file named flag manually...

So this is another pretty easy challenge! We know that the file is named flag. The command find shows all the files and subdirectories, tree style. So if we just do file | grep flag, it'll give us the path to the flag!

[email protected] ~/Code/CTF/ezCTF/simple rop $ ssh [email protected]
Congratulations on setting up SSH key authentication!
Here is your flag: who_needs_pwords_anyways
[email protected]:~$ cd /problems/ba3662836dafb25fdcb412b505b7b677
[email protected]:/problems/ba3662836dafb25fdcb412b505b7b677$ find | grep flag
[email protected]:/problems/ba3662836dafb25fdcb412b505b7b677$ cat forest/tree2763a4/trunk764d/trunke6d5/trunk7905/trunk0008/trunk95d7/trunkcbe5/trunk2319/branchc790/flag

Our flag: 395ba83a5a494eb04f43e15020577a75!

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