Dinosaur Never-forget System (Continued) - 40 points

Writeup by poortho

Problem Statement: Those Dinosaurs… had money?

Turns out they also created a ledger system.


I wonder what entry you’re looking for…


Looking back at the information we found from the previous problem, we have:

edger entry available at LEDGER subdomain -- flag: dinosaurs_must_stay_informed

This mentions a ledger subdomain. So, we perform another lookup on ledger.dinosaurneverforgetsystem.tk

Doing so gets us this string: 3890a940bf54bb50d2ad334d0d0ddbda8a8737b6873277412756724292e89e31

However, this hex string doesnt decode into printable ASCII and doesnt seem to hold significance.

If we try googling the string, however, we find it on blockchain here. At the bottom, there is the flag.



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