Connect The Wigle

Writeup by intelagent

  • Forensics
  • 140 points
  • Identify the data contained within wigle and determine how to visualize it.

We start by examining what kind of file we are given.

$ file wigle
SQLite 3.x database

Let's take a look at what is inside the SQLite database. To do this we must start up SQLite3 and tell it which file we want to work with.

$ sqlite3
$ .open wigle
$ select * from sqlite_master;

table|android_metadata|android_metadata|2|CREATE TABLE android_metadata (locale text)
table|location|location|3|CREATE TABLE location (_id int, bssid text, level int, lat double, lon double, altitude double, accuracy float, time long)
table|network|network|4|CREATE TABLE network (bssid text, ssid text, frequency int, capabilities text, lasttime long, lastlat double, lastlon double, type text)

The table location stands out and has the columns lat and long.

All the values can be extracted.

$ select lat,lon from location;

We are returned a long list of coordinates in the format of lat|long.

We can copy all these coordinates into a file and clean them up with a little python script.

fp = open('raw.txt', 'r')
fw = open('formatted.txt', 'w')

for line in fp.readlines():
  fw.write(line.replace('|', ','))

We plot these points and the flag becomes visible: FLAG{f0und_m3_ab70zle2x}

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